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Synovia Digital Helps Businesses Achieve Greater Agility, Automation, and Innovation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Synovia Digital is a leading provider of ERP solutions and supply chain consulting services that empower businesses to optimize their operations. With the (relatively) recent launch of Microsoft’s 2023 release wave 1 for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, Synovia Digital is excited to highlight the expanded capabilities and enhanced features that can accelerate business growth and transformation. In this blog post, we will explore how Synovia Digital and Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform combine forces to bring greater agility, automation, and innovation to businesses across various industries.

Enhancing Customer Experiences with AI and Dynamics 365 Copilot:

One of the major themes of the release wave 1 is the focus on enhancing end-to-end customer experiences through the power of AI. With Dynamics 365 Copilot, businesses can leverage next-generation AI capabilities and natural language processing to streamline processes, from audience research to content development. Automaker Lynk & Co. is already capitalizing on these AI capabilities to attract new customers and build strong relationships with the right audience. Synovia Digital, in partnership with Dynamics 365, can help businesses harness AI technology to elevate their customer experiences and drive growth.

Modernizing Supply Chain and Operations:

Another key aspect of the release wave 1 is the modernization of every link in the supply chain and operations. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management offers increased agility and resilience by enabling businesses to account for inventories in multiple representations based on local accounting principles and international standards. Additionally, the new Asset Management mobile app and updates to the Warehouse Management mobile app streamline production equipment management and packing processes, respectively. Synovia Digital’s supply chain consulting expertise combined with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can help businesses optimize their supply chain operations for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Accelerating Development with Microsoft Power Platform:

Microsoft Power Platform is a comprehensive and intelligent low-code platform that empowers users and organizations to create innovative apps, bots, and automations seamlessly. Synovia Digital recognizes the potential of Power Platform in automating and eliminating redundant manual processes throughout organizations. By leveraging Power Apps, businesses can scale effectively and build apps that suit their unique needs, while Power Automate allows for the simple and efficient creation of automated workflows. Synovia Digital can guide businesses in harnessing the power of Power Platform to drive digital transformation and streamline operations.

The release wave 1 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform brings exciting opportunities for businesses to achieve greater agility, automation, and innovation. Synovia Digital, with its expertise in ERP solutions and supply chain consulting, is well-positioned to help businesses leverage these new capabilities. By partnering with Synovia Digital and implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, businesses can enhance customer experiences, modernize supply chain operations, and accelerate development. Contact Synovia Digital today to explore how these solutions can revolutionize and optimize your business.

Release wave 1 expands agility, automation, and innovation across Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

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