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Our History

Since 2019, Synovia Digital has been focused on entrepreneurship, building a team, and providing top-notch ERP solutions. In 2020, the company scaled by establishing Synovia Digital and Primex as the Pakistan Centre of Excellence, extending capabilities to serve clients globally. Synovia Digital became a trusted partner for clients in 2021, with a focus on developing digitally designed businesses and transforming operations for the Primeline Group. In 2022, the company scaled as a strategic partner, emphasizing data solutions and 4G analytics, and created a Colombian Centre of Excellence. Synovia Digital remains committed to innovation, collaboration, and excellence for future growth and success.

2024 & beyond

Synovia Digital plans to change the game by investing in people, technology, and scalable customer solutions. The company recognizes that these investments are critical to powering future growth and success. By continuing to prioritize innovation, collaboration, and excellence, Synovia Digital is well-positioned to deliver high-quality ERP solutions and become a leader in the industry. The company remains committed to its core values and to delivering exceptional value to clients worldwide.

By 2025, Synovia Digital will be a leading Digital Partner for Supply chain businesses powered by its talented & passionate leaders, associates and partners built on its values, principles, and commitment.

Beyond borders

Synovia Digital around the globe.

  • Synovia Digital Europe: Location of the Leadership Team, Senior Consultants and Project Managers based in Ashbourne and the UK to deliver client focused services and solutions.
  • Synovia Asia: Location of the SAP Centre of Excellence for Support, Development and Deployment and Global Supply Chain Operations.
  • Synovia Latin America: Location of the Analytics Centre of Excellence and Azure Centre of Excellence for support Development and Deployment. It’s also the headquarters of Synovia Digital’s Global Supply Chain & IT Operations.

Industries we work in

Synovia Digital are delivering a digital and organisational transformation programme – positioning Primeline as the most advanced Logistics company in Ireland.

Consumer Goods

Synovia Digital optimizes supply chains and enhances product distribution efficiency. With advanced technology like Synovia Predict or its own SAP EWM Food Template with Batch, HU Mgmt they enable companies to track and trace products, improving visibility, transparency, and compliance with Best in Class Q&FS functionality. With partnerships with major clients like Mars and Nestlé through Primeline Group, Synovia Digital delivers innovative solutions that drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the consumer goods industry.


Synovia Digital streamlines supply chain processes with advanced technologies like barcode scanning and serialization to ensure compliance and combat illicit trade. Their track-and-trace solutions enhance product visibility, integrity, and provide data insights for improved inventory management. Synovia Digital helps businesses in the tobacco industry navigate regulatory complexities and safeguard their products and brands.

Supply Chain

Synovia Digital optimizes supply chain operations through advanced technology and software solutions. They streamline processes, improve inventory management, and enhance logistics planning. Additionally, they provide comprehensive customs management services for seamless cross-border operations and compliance with international trade regulations. With their expertise and commitment to innovation, Synovia Digital helps businesses achieve supply chain excellence and enhance trade capabilities.



Synovia Digital offers an Integrated Template for bonded and non-bonded operations in the alcohol industry, ensuring stock precision and traceability for high-value items. Their comprehensive system optimizes inventory management and enables businesses to efficiently monitor and control stock levels. With advanced technology and expertise, Synovia Digital provides visibility and traceability, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing losses.


Portfolio of leading brands

Through PRIMELINE GROUP, we’ve implemented (and keep supporting) our expertise into these recognizable brands since early stages of SYNOVIA DIGITAL.

Leadership team

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