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Vivian isn’t just Synovia Digital’s Financial and Operational Manager – she’s the backbone, the steady hand, the yin to the company’s yang. From Barranquilla, Colombia to the heart of Synovia Digital’s Irish HQ, Vivian’s journey is more than just a resume. It’s a testament to dedication, collaboration, and a fierce drive for success.

But what drives Vivian? Here’s a small Q&A about her life, her work, and her inspirations:

What are you most proud of achieving as a Financial and operational Manager at Synovia Digital?

In my role as Financial and Operational Manager at Synovia Digital, I’ve spearheaded effective financial management strategies crucial for operational excellence in our growing company. This involves strategic budgeting, diligent cost control, and foresighted financial planning.

Key elements include:
· Realistic and Flexible Budgeting: Aligning budgets with business goals while remaining adaptable.
· Prioritizing Spending: Identifying and prioritizing expenditures to drive growth and avoiding unnecessary expenses.
· Regular Cost Analysis: Reviewing expenses to identify areas for cost reduction without compromising quality.
· Long-term Financial Planning: Developing plans supporting strategic objectives and maintaining adequate cash reserves.
· Risk Management and Contingency Planning: Incorporating risk management and contingency plans for unforeseen financial challenges.

What challenges have you overcome in your career, and what valuable lessons did you learn?

Throughout my career, I’ve encountered several challenges, each offering valuable lessons for personal and professional growth:

· Adapting to Growth: As Synovia Digital experienced rapid expansion, I faced the challenge of scaling our financial and operational processes to accommodate increased demand and complexity. This taught me the importance of flexibility, scalability, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.
· Budget Constraints: Dealing with budget constraints forced me to become more creative and resourceful in managing finances effectively. I learned to prioritize spending, optimize resource allocation, and find innovative solutions to achieve objectives within limited financial means.
· Risk Management: Managing financial risks, such as market fluctuations and economic uncertainty, required proactive risk identification and mitigation strategies. I learned to anticipate potential risks, develop contingency plans, and implement measures to safeguard our financial stability.
· Team Collaboration: Collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams presented challenges in aligning diverse perspectives and priorities. I discovered the importance of clear communication, empathy, and fostering a collaborative culture to overcome differences and achieve common goals.
· Continuous Learning: Keeping pace with evolving financial regulations, industry trends, and technological advancements demanded ongoing learning and skill development. I embraced a growth mindset, actively sought out learning opportunities, and cultivated a commitment to lifelong learning.

Overall, navigating these challenges has taught me resilience, adaptability, and the importance of continuous improvement. Each experience has contributed to my professional development, shaping me into a more capable and confident Financial and Operational Manager.

Vivian Barranco Calvo, Synovia Digital
"Through a collaborative journey from inception, we built a thriving organization by empowering individuals and fostering a culture of ownership." - Vivian Barranco, Financial and Operations Manager at Synovia Digital
What advice would you give to other women aspiring to be successful leaders in your area of expertise?

For women aspiring to leadership roles in finance and operations, I would offer the following advice:

· Build strong technical skills and financial know-how. Having a solid understanding of finance and operations lays a strong foundation for effective decision-making and navigating the complexities of business. By honing these skills, you’ll be better equipped to tackle challenges and drive strategic initiatives forward.
· Don’t be afraid to voice your ideas and opinions. Confidence and clear communication are key attributes of leadership. Your unique perspectives and insights can make a significant impact on your team and organization. Seize opportunities to share your thoughts and actively engage in discussions.
· Keep learning and growing. Stay informed about industry trends, best practices, and new technologies relevant to your field. Invest in your professional development through training, certifications, and networking. By continuously expanding your knowledge and skills, you’ll position yourself for success and open up new opportunities for career advancement.

Who is your female role model, and why do they inspire you?

My female role model is my mother and my friends. My mother holds a special place as she was my first role model as a woman in my life. Her guidance, strength, and wisdom have shaped me into the person I am today. Additionally, my friends have been a constant source of support and inspiration throughout more than 25 years of friendship. Together, we have navigated various life experiences and challenges, supporting each other’s growth as women within our network. Their resilience, camaraderie, and shared journey inspire me to strive for greatness and uplift others along the way.

Vivian’s story is one of dedication, collaboration, and a drive to excel. She’s not just a manager, she’s an inspiration. Connect with Vivian and get to know all-things Synovia Digital here.