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Meet Dayana Villarreal! Dayana joined Synovia Digital Colombia as an intern in January 2024, bringing her enthusiasm and dedication to the team. Balancing her studies with her internship, Dayana has quickly learned and grown, making valuable contributions to Synovia Digital’s success. Today, we’re excited to hear from Dayana herself as she shares her experiences, insights, and inspirations in this Q&A session.

What motivated you to do an internship at Synovia Digital?

Since I decided to study my career, I have been very interested in everything related to logistics, everything that allows products and services to reach their destination. Synovia Digital, with its innovative vision of integrating technology and artificial intelligence to the supply chain, seemed to me something very interesting and very useful to expand my knowledge. Not only did I want to immerse myself in this exciting sector, but I also wanted to do it with a company that is committed to constant evolution and the pursuit of excellence.

Its focus on innovation gave me the opportunity to learn from the best, from those who are redefining the future of logistics. I was also attracted to the culture of continuous learning and collaboration at Synovia Digital. I knew that in this environment I could grow professionally, expand my knowledge of one of the activities that enables movement in the world.

What have you learned the most during your internship, So far?

My time at Synovia Digital has been a real transformation. I have learned that the potential that lies within me is infinite, that with effort, dedication and the support of an exceptional team I can overcome any obstacle. I have developed skills that I didn’t have before, such as the handling of specific technological tools of the sector for example SAP, besides that later on I will be able to learn more about this that has to do with Dynamic 365 and I have perfected my ability to work efficiently in a team, contributing my ideas and solutions with security and confidence.

Every day is an opportunity to discover new knowledge and test my capabilities. I am proud to be part of a team that is passionate about what it does and that motivates me to do my best. I have learned that teamwork, effective communication and mutual trust are the cornerstones of success.

"I have learned that the potential that lies within me is infinite, that with effort, dedication and the support of an exceptional team I can overcome any obstacle."
What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

The main challenge for me was to be able to understand and follow the rhythm of work, due to the use of tools that I didn’t know about before. The use of SAP was something completely new for me and even the use of EXCEL, which is something basic, but at the same time it is a tool with a very wide use, so at the beginning I felt that it was something that would take me a long time to be able to understand at least partially how it worked and its applicability.

Having the combination of these two things at the beginning was a little confusing, because I didn’t know if I could master them. But being able to have people who have been teaching me and who are willing to help me if I have any questions, was paramount for my improvement in the use of them. Being able to have co-workers who are so close and willing to help was the main reason to be able to overcome those challenges that I have presented in my first steps here at Synovia Digital.

Who inspires you and why?

My inspiration at this moment is my family and knowing that my father is watching me from heaven mainly, they have supported me a lot to be where I am right now and knowing that my progress in my professional career will make them feel proud of me, inspires me to not give up even though I feel that things are getting complicated.

I am also inspired by the Synovia Digital team. Their passion for logistics, their commitment to innovation and their collaborative spirit motivate me to do my best every day. Their example has taught me the true meaning of teamwork and the pursuit of excellence.

Thank you, Dayana! We appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences and insights with us. Your dedication, hard work, and positive attitude are truly inspiring. We look forward to seeing your continued growth and success at Synovia Digital.

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