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Meet Alana Paes! Alana, originally from Brazil but now residing in Ireland, is a talented member of the Synovia Digital family who plays a significant role in the Product Management Office of Synovia Digital Ireland. Currently training to become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O consultant, Alana exemplifies the value and contributions women bring to Synovia Digital. In this Q&A, we’ll get to meet her a little better and delve deeper into her experiences, thoughts and inspirations!

As you embark on your training journey for Dynamics 365, what have you found most challenging and how have you overcome those challenges?

Starting something new is always a challenge, we need to be willing to have discipline and focus to learn, knowing that we will have many doubts along the way and that we will make mistakes and successes until we reach the final goal. Recently, I started developing my skills to become a Dynamics 365 Finance Functional Consultant in the future. D365 Finance and Operations is a vast platform, with countless things to delve into and learn. The way I believe to overcome these challenges is by studying and practicing, there is no other way. The deeper we delve into the subject, the more confident we become that we will achieve the final goal. Another effective way is to ask questions, clarify doubts with your leaders, seek knowledge from people who know the subject and not be ashamed to clarify these doubts.

Looking ahead, what excites you most about the potential of Dynamics 365 and how you can leverage this expertise in your future career?

One of the things that excites me most about Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is the innovation and digital transformation it brings. The system drives innovation and digital transformation by providing advanced automation, data analysis, mobility, integration, personalization and many other functionalities. This allows companies to modernize their processes, improve operational efficiency and drive business growth and success.

The platform will continue to evolve as a powerful tool to drive digital operational transformation in enterprises and deliver an enhanced user experience. Using the knowledge that I am developing in my future career, I hope to deliver advanced solutions that generate a positive impact on the business and the customer experience.

"Have the courage to face challenges and risks, as this can lead you to great achievements. Believe in yourself and your abilities and follow your dreams."
As a future female leader in the technology market, what message would you give to other women considering a career path in Technology/Digitalization?

Continue learning and expanding your knowledge about technology and innovations in the market. Trust in yourself and your abilities, it is not always easy, but don’t be discouraged and continue your journey. Learn from your leaders. Have the courage to face challenges and risks, as this can lead you to great achievements. Believe in yourself and your abilities and follow your dreams.

Outside of work, what are your passions and how do you integrate them into your professional life (or how do you envision doing so)?

One of my greatest passions is immersing myself in nature, whether it’s going to the beach and listening to the sound of the sea or simply enjoying a peaceful park. Being in contact with the nature gives me a feeling of calm and well-being. In addition to my love for nature, I take great pleasure in taking care of my plants. 

Traveling and exploring new cultures are also among my favorite hobbies. It is great to discover new places and new cultures. It is an opportunity for personal growth and enriching my understanding of the world. I also like to get together with friends in a cozy cafe, sharing good conversations. These moments of connection bring me joy and laughter. 

Who is your role model, and why?

My mother is my role model, throughout her life she faced countless challenges and obstacles, but she always remained strong and resilient. Your ability to overcome adversity inspires me to persevere in the face of difficulties and never give up on my dreams.

She is the most hardworking and determined person I have ever met, everything she does is with excellence. Your kindness reminds me of the importance of forgiving and showing solidarity with people. On this journey of life I carry many of my mother’s values ​​that were passed on to me and I owe much of who I am today to her.

Thank you, Alana, for sharing your story and insights! We are grateful for your contributions to Synovia Digital and for inspiring others. Stay tuned for more spotlights featuring the talented women of Synovia Digital!

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